16 May

Angel’s experience in the broadcast world in simply unparalleled. Beginning his career in the early 80’s as a cameraman and editor, Angel was not just an early pioneer in the Hispanic television market, but in fact the first Hispanic cameraman / editor in the first Spanish speaking network in the US.

After a decade at SIN, Angel migrated to Telemundo Network in the early 90’s where he quickly rose to be Chief Photographer.  This was when he began to develop his unique and highly specialized skill set in broadcast operations.  As Angel’s knowledge of designing, deploying and hanging televisions stations and networks grew, he became an early adaptor of cutting edge broadcast technologies and workflows.

In the mid 90’s Angel was brought on at Univision Network as Director of Operations.  Here his career took a giant leap as the technical and operational evolution of the network became his brainchild.  From news to production, Angel was a principal player in growing Univision into the state of the art network it is today. Today, Angel is a network operations and technical media specialist, and LP Media leverages his vast experience and keen knowledge for our clients.