03 October

Video Internet Broadcast Eco-system (VIBE) is a managed solution experience, allowing full control of online video assets. Created and supported by VISTA Worldlink, an industry leader in customer service since 1988, VIBE is a customizable video portal that makes sharing, distributing and tracking live or on-demand video to multiple devices simple and efficient.

  • The VIBE platform delivers dynamic streaming that ensures smooth stutter-free video delivery globally to multiple devices and audience sizes.
  • Syndicate your content to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc… while retaining control and ownership of your Brand Identity.
  • Monitor and track your content through VIBE’s powerful analytics and measurement tools allowing you to observe and check the progress of your video material and the growth of your audience.
  • One of VIBE’s most powerful tools is the built in transcoding technology allowing customers to manipulate their video content for optimal delivery.
  • Each VIBE account comes with a specific amount of storage in order to protect, manage, re-purpose and ultimately share content.
  • The VIBE players are adaptive as they come with device detection for IOS & Android making the On Demand or Live delivery to your audience simple.